Welcome to My World of Gadgets and Other Goodies!

Hi, I am the Try It Out Lady and I am so excited to share my wonderful finds with you! I am the first to admit that I am addicted to gadgets, all kinds of gadgets from the kitchen to the garage to the computer; I am hooked. In the middle of the night, I am one of those loyal infomercial viewers with my credit card in hand, ready for action. I know I have spent way too much time watching those things but wow are they addicting. I gotta tell you though, I have found some of my “favorite things” during those quiet middle of the night sessions when my kids are asleep and nothing interrupts my focus on the next best thing to make my life easier. 🙂  I also love to scout out the “next best thing” when it comes to all the fads out there whether it be food, drink, toys, whatever.   Over time I hope to give you insight on when to whip your credit card out and when to keep it tucked safely in your wallet and I would love to hear if your experiences with these products are the same as mine.

If your experiences are different then mine…LET ME KNOW…you may change my mind on a product that was less than wonderful for me but works for others.  If you agree with me on a product…LET ME KNOW…I love to hear from like minded friends too!

This area is meant to be fun and educational for anyone who may be a bit shy about diving in to those “As Seen On TV” ads.  There are so many cool gadgets out there that this should be a place to let loose and find out which ones are the real gems!

Now just to be clear, I will have links to products that I personally would buy again, so you can get yours as fast as possible BUT for the products I wouldn’t purchase again for myself or as a gift I won’t put a link here; you will have to search them out for yourself! 🙂  I am not saying that those particular products won’t work for you but to be fair, if I wouldn’t buy it again then I don’t think I should encourage you to either.  Now, with that said, if I have a product here that I don’t care for and you just LOVE, then by all means, let me know!


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