Nail Bliss Pro Professional FrenchWrap Plus

FrenchWrap Pro

Nail Bliss Pro Professional FrenchWrap Pro

Hello all!

I know it has been awhile since I have reviewed a product but this one is AWESOME and I just had to tell you about it!  I have to tell you that I have spent years…yes many many years, looking for this exact product.  I have always wanted to have a french manicure because they are classy, clean looking, professional and just looks elegant but I also wanted to keep my own nails because of the damage that acrylic nails had done to me in my early 20’s.  The only problem is that french manicures on real nails rarely last longer than 4 days before they start chipping and fading off the tips and then there is the expense of having to go back to the salon and have it redone…constantly!  I never had the time or wanted to spend that kind of money when I had so many other expenses that had priority over my nails.  I am also very picky on the shape of my nails and whenever I would come home from a salon manicure I would have to “fix” the shape of the nail because they do it very quickly and not as carefully as I do my own manicures…I’m pretty hard to please I guess…huh?  I did find a salon that would spray the tip on for me without having to do the whole manicure thing and that saved me a little money and I could do my own pre-manicure to get the shape I liked but I still had to find the time to go and even then the polish only lasted a couple of days even with daily touchups of topcoat. 

I started actually looking for a “at home” airbrush system so I could spray on my own tips but found that was a very large up front investment and I never really found a good system that didn’t make me feel like I should be opening up my own salon, so the hunt continued and I settled for a light one color polish for the time being.

During a random trip into Sally’s Beauty Supply one day I came across this french manicure kit called Nail Bliss Pro Professional FrenchWrap Plus.  I kind of just glanced over it at first because I have seen so many kits before and I wasn’t looking for that at the time anyways.  After getting what I had originally gone in there to buy I began my “browsing” mode which is where I spend most of my money (bad habit I must add) 🙂 but I saw this kit again and decided to take a closer look. 

Well, I noticed that the way they work is to glue just the tip onto your own nail, which is really, really easy with the plastic applicator.  It is actually a strip of perfectly shaped polish with a small plastic “stopper” on the applicator so you have the perfect placement everytime.  They come in 13 different sizes so you can find the best size for each of your nails.  Now a negative is that you will have many sizes you don’t need but for $16.99 that is MUCH less expensive than just one trip to the salon and you get 10 pieces of each size in the kit.

Now the BEST part of this entire experience for me was that each of my tips lasted at LEAST 2 weeks and with not one chip…yes I said not one chip!  Over the course of a couple of weeks the tips will come off because the glue would loosen up but I learned to carry a tip of each size, a small bottle of nail glue and clear polish in my purse and I can repair a tip even at work in less than 5 minutes!

If I have to state any negatives about this product they would be that once you put the tips on you are pretty committed because to get them off is pretty difficult because they adhere very well with the glue.  I also learned to use only clear polish with them and not the beige or pink topcoat because it dulls the tips and makes the touchups more noticeable.  When your own nails grow and you begin to see the break in the polish at the cuticle line you just need to use non-acetone nail polish remover to remove the old polish and reapply the clear for a brand new manicure.  This does not even affect the tip because as I said they are very hard to remove and polish remover won’t even do it.  Here is a photo of the first time I did my own manicure and it only took me a couple of minutes for each nail and it gets easier over time.  Double click photo for a closer look…  

My FrenchWrap Pro manicure
My FrenchWrap Pro manicure in just a couple of minutes

This set is the “Thick” size for a longer nail but it also comes in the “Thin” size if your nails are short or if you prefer a thinner tip.  I also have used the “thick” tip and then just trimmed them down when I needed to cut the length of my nails.  These tips stay so well that when my nails were getting too long to type comfortably, I just trimmed them with the tips on and filed them smooth, applied another coat of topcoat and another perfect manicure…AWESOME PRODUCT!

This one for sure get a thumbs up!  I would recommend this to anyone wanting a long lasting, professional looking french manicure without the time and expense of a salon.


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2 Responses to “Nail Bliss Pro Professional FrenchWrap Plus”

  1. Heidi Powell Says:

    I purchased this kit also having the same dilemma you did with prior French Manicures. My only concern was that the people at Sally’s did not know how they worked. I purchased the kit anyway but there are no instructions apart from what is on the packaging…Apply…with what??? There was no glue or anything to apply the tips with. Do I have to purchase the glue separately?

    • tryitoutlady Says:

      Hi Heidi,

      Congratulations on finally finding the solution for the french manicure! The answer to your question is yes, you will need to have some nail glue to apply the tips but be sure to get the “brush on” type; it makes it much easier to apply. The “starter kit” that Sally’s has does include the glue but it also has both sizes of tips and I only needed one size when I first tried them out. I use the “Nail Bliss” glue which is sold in the same area of the store and the small bottle will last a very long time. Just a small tidbit of advise to make sure they stay on longer is to apply a bit of extra glue to the corners (ends) of each tip and then a swipe of glue along the whole thing and hold it in place until dry.

      Well good luck with your first application; remember the more you use it the easier and quicker you will get at applying them (it won’t take long!) 🙂

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