Shed Vac – The decision is in!

Shed Vac - Make pet hair more bearable

Hello to all!

I am really excited about this product; I have just now put away my credit card and am anxiously waiting the arrival of the Shed Vac so I can see how it works. We have a new 2 year old long haired dog and we are just now realizing how much hair he really has, or I should say had now that it is all over the house! 😛

We really love him but I tell you, the hair has got to go and this looks like it will be the best solution.  Check back here in hopefully just a couple of weeks for my review to let you know if this is a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down.

Oh yeah, I got it on one of the 2 for 1 deals so hopefully it will be a great product so I have one upstairs and downstairs.

Well, happy shopping and I will be back to give my opinion on this new gadget, hope to see you back here soon and as always if I love this product I will add a link here for you to purchase…let’s hope for the best!

February 23, 2011

Ok, well I received the Shed Vac and was pretty excited to give it a try…unfortunately it did not live up the hopes I had for it.  It was easy to assemble and our dog adapted to the sound pretty quickly but as far as collecting Jake’s hair it, well, it didn’t.  I tried moving it in all directions but I had no luck with it so this will be a thumbs down for me.  If you or anyone you know has had a better experience with this product, please write and let me know, I would love to hear how it is working for you!

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