Zico Coconut Water

Hi again!

I have to tell you about the “new and up coming health craze”, at least in my opinion.  I did a taste test of the new ZICO Coconut Water in the three flavors, Natural, Mango and Passion Fruit.

ZICO Coconut Water (pronounced zee-ko) is the hottest new “sports drink” out there and with good reason! It gives you everything you could want in a sports drink and more.  I love the idea of drinking something from the tropics, it just sounds healthy and with the cold weather we have been having here in the states this winter, it just warmed me to think it came from somewhere warm and tropical.  I get totally caught up in the psychological marketing that companies are famous for but luckily it also tastes great.  I don’t know if I could actually break open a coconut or really want too every time I wanted something to drink but as I sit here writing, I can visualize myself on a beach with the sun shining and the breeze blowing softly with the sounds of the waves in the background; I can completely see myself sitting in a chaise lounge with a coconut and a straw….ahhhhh! 🙂  You can feel it too, can’t you?

I gotta tell you I was skeptical at first because even though I like coconut in certain desserts like Almond Joys and Mounds, I wasn’t too sure if I really would like to drink it.  I was going into this taste test with an open mind but a bit of doubt that it would win me over.  I was pretty surprised when we first gave it a try; the label says to serve chilled so we let it chill about 30 minutes or so and then gave it a try.

I think what I liked the most about Zico was that it didn’t have a strong coconut taste; it does have a distinct flavor, the texture first feels kind of thick, but no “coconut” taste as I had expected.  The other HUGE benefit for me was that it does not have the metal taste that I get from other sport drinks.  My teenage sons assisted me with this taste test and here are our results.

The Natural flavor was the least favorite at my house but it  had a nice taste which I think would be great to mix if you don’t want a lot of added flavor but want the health benefits.  My youngest son, who plays tennis and swims said that after exercising, he would like this one because it doesn’t have a real sweet taste to it.

The Mango flavor was my personal favorite because I love mango but it also brought back memories of the tropics to me when we lived in South Florida and lived near palm trees.  I thought it had a clear Mango taste and I enjoyed it alone or mixed with orange juice; I made a smoothie with yogurt and bananas and it was great.  The boys also liked this one so it was a hit in the house.

The Passion Fruit was my 15 year old son’s favorite because he thought it had the sweetest flavor.  He enjoyed drinking alone but added that it tasted much better cold than at room temperature (he tried it warm too).

My oldest son, who works out daily and really knows his nutrition labels, was impressed by the natural ingredients and liked the taste of all three flavors.  He liked the idea of having less sugar and no artificial flavorings added and getting more nutrition than the regular drinks he has used in the past.  He enjoyed Zico room temperature or cold which will make this alternative drink convenient to put into his workout bag and have at the gym.

We received the 11 oz containers and all thought that it would be a good size to take either in a cooler for lunch or for after school at tennis or swim practice.

In case you have not heard anything about Zico before, here is the low down on this good for you tasty drink:

Zico is 100% pure coconut water with natural flavor essences. With five essential electrolytes, more potassium than a banana, low acidity, no fat, no sugar added, and no cholesterol, Zico is the natural, refreshing way to hydrate and replenish.

According to the Zico website, in 85 tropical countries, millions of people drink coconut water straight from the coconut. Many tell us Zico tastes “just like sticking a straw in a coconut.”

Some nutrition facts about ZICO:

  • Five essential electrolytes: Zico has important electrolytes–potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorous–that your body needs to keep nerves firing, keep muscles moving, and to manage stress.
  • Packed with potassium (670 mg): Zico has more potassium than a banana and 15 times more than sports drinks, to prevent cramping and promote muscle performance.
  • Low acidity (4.8 ph): Lower acidity than sports drinks and juices means Zico is easy on your stomach.
  • Zero fat, no added sugar: Zico has no fat, no sugar added, only 60 calories, 15 carbs, and no cholesterol.
  • Rough night? Big day? Both? Zico is the best way to wake up. Refresh, re-hydrate, replenish: Zico’s what you need, alone, or in a smoothie.
  • Keep moving: With five essential electrolytes and more potassium than a banana, Zico prevents cramping and optimizes muscle performance to keep you moving.
  • Shake it up a notch: Zico is a great mixer with vodka, rum, tequila, scotch, or gin.

More ZICO facts (direct from their product description):

ZICO Natural is 100% pure water from young coconuts. We hand-harvest our coconuts when the water inside reaches a peak level of potassium and the perfect balance of electrolytes. Captured 100% pure in this convenient, environmentally friendly package, ZICO is simply the best tasting and most nutritious coconut water this side of the tropics. ZICO Natural has more potassium than a banana, four other naturally occurring electrolytes, only 60 calories, and no fat or added sugar. It is low in acidity and high in potent antioxidants.

To sum it up, this ZICO taste test was a complete success; my family agree that this is a better choice than the sweeter alternatives on the market and just hope that it will become more available in our area.  Right now the only way to get it is online but I’m sure it will soon be available everywhere.  This one gets a thumbs up and the go ahead!

Get your own ZICO here


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